About us

Our mission is to reshape the excellence and aesthetics of all our products, from design to production. IronmongeryShop is consistently in search of architectural hardware of the highest quality, based on the imagination and artistry of the finest designers.

We seek to pioneer quality and distinctiveness through combining our understanding of excellence and aesthetics with a passion to constantly test and restyle. Key to this distinctiveness is our versatility and state of the art style, encouraged through our principles of perfection and sophistication.

At IronmongeryShop, we believe that each project and customer deserves the best and the most exquisite. For this reason, we give great attention and consideration to the style of our door handles – these are more than just an accessory to us, they reflect the class and character of their owners. We consider that doors are the crown of the building and handles are the crown jewels.


Our Skills

The core of each IronmongeryShop product is in supple and sturdy brass. We offer various types of finish such as gold, satin gold, chrome, satin chrome, matt satin nickel, satin nickel and matt black. Our utmost attention to detail is seen in the choice of the brass, which is of the highest quality, through to the entire production and packaging of the finished handles. As part of our commitment to quality, we only use brass and steel – materials that are hard wearing and long lasting.

In order to meet the wide-ranging needs and tastes of our customers, we have created four collections – Contemporary, Traditional, Modest and Exclusive. These are our collections of handles with square roses, with round roses, and recessed handles.  We also offer electronic locks under the IronmongeryShop brand.